Hello and thanks for taking the time to check out the story on how Oracle Body Jewelry came to be. My name is Scott Barrs and I have been carving body jewelry for over a decade. When I was very young I was already fascinated with piercing, tattoos and scarification due to the photos I had seen in my mother's collection of National Geographic magazines. In my early teenage years I was getting tattooed and pierced at a much less than reputable shop. Several years later there was a higher end piercing and tattoo studio that opened up and I started hanging out there almost every day after school (and sometimes when I was supposed to be in school). I helped out with little chores around the studio and would watch and sit in with the piercer during all of his procedures. When business was slow we would be glued to PFIQ magazines. Every chance I got I was trying to find out more about piercing and body jewelry. By the time I was 18 I had started as a full time piercer and finally decided to try my hand at carving jewelry. I made some very crude horn and wood pieces and went from there. After much trial and error Oracle Body Jewelry finally got its start in 1999. At the time there was little information out there on how to properly make and finish body jewelry so it took years to finally get the hang of it. I made jewelry from hardwoods and horn and bone for many years until I tried carving stone. By the time I was 24 I went back to college and studied in the jewelers program and received a degree in jewelry and metalsmithing. I worked with gold, silver and platinum. I also cut many stones for use in fine jewelry at that time. After that I started focusing on carving more stone trying to better my skills in that field. I still do occasional body modification guest spots but after 15 years as a full time piercer I finally decided that I needed to run Oracle Body Jewelry full time and focus even harder on bringing you the best quality and most original organic jewelry in the piercing industry.  After traveling the world countless times and spending years in many different countries, we have grown to several different workshops worldwide including our USA workshop.  Throughout the years Team Oracle Body Jewelry® has worked together to bring you the products that you see today. Each one of our designs is unique to our company and 100% original. We DO NOT and WILL NEVER simply purchase our jewelry from someone else or a third party vendor, use someone else's designs, sell our jewelry on auction sites, or undercut the pricing of your piercing studio or boutique. We also DO NOT "outsource" any of our products as we believe that term has grown to mean something derogatory with so many companies using less than fair business practices. We know each one of our team members and their families very well and every member of Team Oracle Body Jewelry® is free to work when they please, take ample time to spend with friends and family, and is paid a much higher than livable wage.  Please remember that by purchasing any of our Oracle Body Jewelry® pieces that you are not only supporting Team Oracle Body Jewelry® but you are also supporting a company dedicated to keeping the highest standard of ethics, quality, and happiness. Once again thank you for all your support and we promise to keep bringing you fresh, unique creations for many years to come. Many blessings to you from all of us at Team Oracle Body Jewelry®.