2014 Brass Weights

We are bringing you 12 new brass weight designs just in time for summer! As with all of our designs these are made with love, attention to detail and weight distribution to keep you looking good. Check out all the new additions in the brass weight section.


New Brass Weights

We are excited to finally release our 2013 brass ear weight collection after over two years in the making! Eighteen new designs to keep you looking sharp! Take a look under the brass weights section.


New Fossil Mammoth Ivory Jewelry

We added a new fossil mammoth ivory gallery with a large selection of our new original designs. We use only the highest quality fossil mammoth ivory available which we hand pick for color and pattern. Our material is from Siberia and Alaska and has an age of anywhere from 10,000 - 50,000 years old.We produce only single specialty pieces of jewelry from this material with no pair ever being made more than once. These are the ultimate in collectable jewelry masterpieces!


Pyramid Weights

Another exciting addition to our stone line is the new pyramid weights. Available in 14 stones and boasting a perfectly balanced weight distribution and a 6mm insertion gap to ensure that these will fit  thinner as well as thicker ear lobes comfortably. The pyramid weights are sure to become a new favorite!  


New Additions

We have some new additions to our stone line! Montana Agate, thunder egg, picture jasper and bloodstone in our Mayan flare style. Quartz, blue goldstone,montana agate, thunder egg, and dark blue tiger eye in our signature single flare style, and blue goldstone in our double flare line. Lots of new goodies to make you even more beautiful than you already are!