New Wood, Horn, And Stone! 

We just added 11 new designs that we have been working on for almost 2 years. We really hope that you will enjoy them. New custom stone jewelry has also just been listed under all sections, so be sure and check out all of these new goodies for you or your studio. Take a look around the updated site and have fun! 


Nephrite Jade 


We are now offering premium nephrite jade in our signature double and single flare plugs along with some of our other favorite designs. This material is top quality and the color is very vibrant, needless to say we are proud to be offering it to you. You can see the before and after of one of the larger pieces we processed (this one weighed in at about 140 lbs). So please enjoy and remember if you have been thinking about jade, now is the time to do it!


Bloodwood and Tiger Ebony

We have expanded our wood selection to include a beautiful sheen bloodwood and tiger ebony. These woods are available in limited quantities in our hanging shapes. We also have sizes  up to 5/8" available so inquire if you are interested in a size not listed on the site.


Rattlesnake Skin Plugs 

We brought back one of our old favorites, rattlesnake skin plugs! This was a design we started manufacturing over a decade ago and has timeless fashion. Each inlay is made from real rattlesnake skin which we process and tan in house. Currently these plugs are available in Saba and Ebony woods in sizes 00g-1" but will soon be available up to 3" as well.


New Stone Coils 

Happy 2011 everyone! This year we have lots of new jewelry designs and materials lined up for release. Every month we will be showcasing our new products so make sure and check back often. First we will kick off 2011 with our new stone coils. These are available in 2 sizes in a variety of stone. They also work well as weights and feature oval insertion points which serve to keep the look of a tight coil while making the insertion gap a bit wider and more comfortable for thicker ear lobes. Check out the new stone coil section of the site and enjoy! 

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