Holiday Closure

The holidays are upon us once again and 2011 is almost here! We are keeping busy doing inventory, remodeling our office and workshops and planning our release dates for our 2011 lines of new jewelry. With this coming new year you can expect lots of original new designs and materials,  plus even faster production and shipping times on all of our custom jewelry. Our office and workshops will be closed from November 26th through January 15th 2011. Thanks for a wonderful 2010 and we look forward to serving you in 2011. Have a great new year everyone!



New Wood And Horn Jewelry 

I would like to proudly introduce to you some of our new wood and horn line. Each piece is hand carved with precise skill and every design is unique and original. Since we now set up our third workshop for wood, bone, horn, and just about any other material you can think of, we can create more intricate designs in new materials. So take a look, enjoy and remember that we will be expanding this line into something huge very soon.


New Custom Jewelry 

It's been a little while since I updated all the custom jewelry, and I know that you have been patiently waiting, so over the last few days I have uploaded over 300 new pairs of round plugs, teardrops and labrets for your mouthwatering pleasure. Have a look and remember, if something you like is not listed in your size or has already been sold then I can certainly make you a similar pair.


Mexican Amber

Earlier in the year we brought back several kilos of amber from Mexico. Ranging from very clear to heavily included and dark, this material is killer! We have pieces large enough to make jewelry well over 2" or anything else your heart.... or lobes, lip or conches desire.


New Orbicular Jasper Single Flares! 

Another fresh new item for 2010 is our orbicular jasper single flare line. Oracle Body Jewelry uses every single part of the stone to truly honor and respect the materials that our Mother Earth gives us and these are the end result of larger materials cut throughout the years. This batch is green and grey with a limited amount of pinks as well. The patterns vary greatly, which is one of the reasons this material is so cool. As with all of our other single flare collections, this material is available from 10g-1/2".

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